About Us

A tall dude from Tokyo happens upon a blond from Cincinnati…in Pittsburgh. Amanda falls for the whole guitar thing (lame I know). Daniel (bless his heart) doesn’t know what he’s in for when he agrees to date a physician in residency.

Daniel cooks nutritious meals for Amanda and single-handedly helps her survive residency! Amanda goes to a lot of music venues to watch Daniel throw down some old country tunes on the electric guitar and stays awake, begrudgingly, past 9 PM. They become “PYR”ents to Handsome Forest, a 120 lb Great Pyrenees who will take food from your hand so gently it will break your heart.

Daniel follows Amanda around while she runs some marathons. Daniel schemes and asks her to do life with him at the end of the Chicago Marathon! He breaks not one but two ribs on the way to propose (bless his heart…again).

Forest/Amanda/Daniel roadtrip across the country to their new home in San Francisco. They bike over bridges, watch sumo wrestling, and even find a python in the new backyard. Mostly, they are together, and they are grateful.

Thanks for being a part of our story. Fingers crossed for the continued efficacy of COVID vaccines (yay modern medicine!) and we look forward to finally celebrating with you in August!

With love,
Amanda & Daniel